About Us

Shia Federation WA (SFWA) is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation dedicated to be the apex body (Umbrella) representing Islamic Shia Associations and Communities of Western Australia.
SFWA promotes a harmonious relationship amongst Muslim citizens, and the society in general.

Its aim is to extend co-operation, create coordination, harmony and unity among all Islamic Shia associations, communities and groups based upon holy Islamic principles, and to provide support and services to all Muslims in Australia, and to act as a channel of the communication between the Australian Shia communities and the Government on welfare, social and economic matters.

The main objective of SFWA is to bring all Muslims together by creating networking and cooperation opportunities among Islamic Associations in WA, through increased social interaction, and congregational events.

The membership of Shia Federation WA is open to all Shia Associations, unions and community groups in WA, due to the approval of the Federation Council.

Current Members of the Federation:

1) Ahlulbayt Community of Western Australia Inc
2) Bazm-e-Ahlebait of WA Inc
3) Nabuwat community of Western Australia Inc
4) Iranian Muslims Association of Western Australia